Tippecanoe School Corporation

Hershey CNA-SIP

In order to be accorded full accreditation status, public schools must have a strategic and continuous school improvement plan.  Plans must include:

  • Established objectives of continuous improvement in, at minimum, the areas of attendance rate, ISTEP+ (ILEARN) proficiency rates, and graduation rates for the school to achieve over a three (3) year period and how the school expects to meet these objectives, with annual review and revision if necessary to accomplish objectives.
  • Specific areas identified by the school where improvement is needed immediately, and how the school will address these areas.
  • Description of the curriculum and information concerning the location of a copy of the curriculum that is available for public inspection.
  • Description and name of the assessments that will be used by the school in addition to ISTEP+ (ILEARN).
  • Provision outlining how the school will address the learning needs of all students, including exceptional learners; provide courses to allow students to earn an Academic Honors diploma; and encourage the completion of the Core 40 and Academic Honors curriculums.
  • Provision to maximize parental participation in the school.
  • Provision to maintain a safe and disciplined learning environment for all students and teachers.
  • Provision for the coordination of technology initiatives.
  • Professional development program that includes a narrative of student learning data, strategies, programs and services to address student learning needs, activities to implement such strategies and an evaluation of the impact of such strategies; and an assurance that the professional development program complies with the State Board’s core principles for professional development.
  • Methods to improve cultural competency of teachers, administrators, staff, parents and students, including the identification of all racial, ethnic, language-minority, cultural, exceptional learning and socioeconomic groups represented in the school’s student population; culturally appropriate strategies for increasing educational opportunities and educational performance for represented groups that are incorporated in the school’s plan; and areas identified in need of additional professional development to increase cultural competency in the school.

Please CLICK HERE to view the 2020-21 Hershey CNA-SIP.