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TSC to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day
TSC to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Students and staff throughout the Tippecanoe School Corporation will honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through various activities on Monday, January 21.

"Martin Luther King Junior was one of America's great leaders," reads second-grade student Layla Bredar from A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr. "He led protests and marches demanding fair laws for all people." Layla and her classmates at Cole Elementary School are also learning the concept of service to others through its annual "Pass it Forward" event. The program encourages small acts of kindness, like to pay for a stranger's meal in the drive-thru or help with chores at home.

At Woodland and Burnett Creek elementary schools, students experience the impact of Dr. King's influence on humanity through song and musical expression. Music teacher Karen Goff says "The children are reminded through singing "This Little Light of Mine," they have the opportunity to be the light and the change in our world that can make a difference!"

At Battle Ground Middle School, students created a mural of Martin Luther King Junior. Art teacher Brooke Plantenga says students colored 36 different pieces with oil pastels. They had no idea what they were creating until they saw the final product hung in the hallway. "I chose the MLK mural is because I really wanted to bridge the gap between art and history," says Plantenga. "I thought this was a beautiful representation of an extremely significant person. We have touched on how activism is represented through art. I think that MLK is the face of activism that children know and want to learn more about."

At Hershey Elementary School, students are creating messages, videos, essays and more that focus on the civil rights movement and it's impact on our country.

At Mintonye Elementary, teachers have several activities planned for students in kindergarten through fifth-grade. They include making a happy birthday "peace cake," watching the movie "Our Friend, Martin," and participating in a fair/unfair activity of how to treat others.

Wea Ridge Elementary School students read Martin's Big Words and wrote about their own dreams, including a colored hand activity. Those creations are now displayed in the hallways.

In speech classes at McCutcheon High School, students in Laura Whitcombe's class will create a Reader's Theatre of Martin Luther King Junior's "I Have a Dream" speech.