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Hershey students join Hour of Code
Hershey students join Hour of Code

More than 6,000 students in the Tippecanoe School Corporation will be participating December 4 - 8 in the global "Hour of Code." The campaign takes place each year during Computer Science Education Week to inspire student interest in computer coding and technology. Several teachers at Hershey will be introducing students to encryption, text compression and other computer science concepts.

TSC Coordinator for Connected Learning Sarah Margeson says some lessons will be plugged in and involve popular apps and games, while others will be unplugged and introduce the algorithms behind computer science. "By participating in Hour of Code, TSC teachers are making a statement that we are committed to teach foundational 21st-century skills," says Margeson. "Along with 100 million students worldwide, students across Tippecanoe County are looking forward to an exciting week and a bright future."

Hershey fifth-grade student Gavin Mahlk enjoys the challenge of programming an online robot to complete different tasks. "This is a good learning experience," says Gavin. "I want to be a video game designer when I grow up. This will be a lot like that with a lot of trial and error."

Students work with their laptop to learn more about computer sciences.