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Hershey Rocks!
Hershey Rocks!

Have you noticed the two large landscaping rocks painted with holiday greetings in the front and the back of the building? One is strategically placed by our flagpole so that our bus riders can see it each day. The other is on the northeast corner of our property so that our car riders will see it.

You can now send a message to a student by "renting" one of the rocks for a day. This is not intended to be a fund raising activity, rather, it is a way to celebrate our Hershey students and also give Mr.Copeland's Art Leaders an opportunity to use their talents. The cost to rent a rock is $5.00 if YOU paint it and $10.00 dollars if the Art Leaders paint it for you. Please contact the school office to reserve the rock of your choice and receive approval for your message. Rocks will be reserved on a first come-first served basis.

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